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Invitation to Participate in Born to Lead Program:

Calling Business Owners!


I hope this email finds you well.

This is Roscoe Coleman, President of the Irvington Chamber of Commerce and I'm reaching out on behalf of Born to Lead, an exciting program from ODO Achievement Center, designed to connect motivated students with inspiring business owners like yourself.

This program aims to provide high school students with real-world insights and perspectives from successful entrepreneurs like you. We believe that hearing your stories and experiences firsthand can ignite passion and drive in our students, empowering them to pursue their own entrepreneurial dreams.

We would be honored to have you participate in our program by granting us the opportunity to interview you. Our students are eager to learn from your journey and gain valuable insights into the world of business ownership.

Here are some questions our students would love to explore with you:

  1. What inspired you to start your own business?

  • Our students are curious to learn about the spark that ignited your entrepreneurial journey. What motivated you to take the leap and pursue your vision?

  1. When did you realize that entrepreneurship was the path for you?

  • Understanding the pivotal moments in your career can provide our students with valuable lessons about determination and perseverance.

  1. Why do you believe entrepreneurship is important in today's world?

  • As young minds eager to shape the future, our students are interested in hearing your perspective on the role of entrepreneurship in driving innovation and creating positive change.

  1. How did you overcome challenges and setbacks along the way?

  • Sharing your strategies for resilience and problem-solving can inspire our students to navigate obstacles with confidence and resilience.

Your participation in Born to Lead would not only enrich the educational experience of our students but also leave a lasting impact on their personal and professional development.

We are aiming to have the interview sessions in May and 1st week of June. You can provide your Name, Business name, type of industry and Phone number to contact you. These interviews can be held at your location or if you prefer over the phone.

If you're interested in participating or have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at (973)489-3671. We are flexible and can accommodate your schedule.

Thank you for considering this opportunity to inspire the next generation of leaders. We look forward to the possibility of working with you.

Warm regards,


Roscoe Coleman

President, Irvington Chamber of Commerce

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