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This will be a Young Worker Summer!

Updated: Mar 17

Let's discuss an exciting opportunity for your business to participate in a summer work program sponsored by the Essex County Executive and Commissioners. This program is specifically designed for high school students who are looking for opportunities to gain valuable work experience during their summer break. By participating in this program, your business will have the opportunity to support the development of young people in our community while also reaping the benefits of having motivated and talented workers on your team. There are a number of benefits that your business can expect to see from participating in this program. I encourage you to explore this opportunity further and to consider how your business can benefit from the energy, enthusiasm, and talent of these young people.

The Irvington Chamber of Commerce encourages you to consider participating in the summer time work program sponsored by the county government. This program offers a range of benefits to both your business and the community, and I am confident that it would be a worthwhile investment.

For more information and how to apply contact:

Larry D Sermons

WIOA Program

50 South Clinton St EO


Shelton Thurman

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