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Welcome to our Newest Chamber Member X'PERIANCE SALON

Updated: May 18


X'periance salon is a full service salon that invites you to a different level of an experience. Our mission is to support clients at all stage’s and lifestyle.

Our goal is to enrich,enhance, & encourage in their beauty. X’periance Salon professionalism meets excellence and a comfort atmosphere is our top priority. We are a part of something greater, your time is valuable with one vision and an experience.

Our business is to build and maintain a culture that promotes wellness and strives in excellence with support of creativity. Beauty comes from within, feeling it is supported by personal care.

Not only do we provide a full service salon with high quality service, we also have hair care products as well. The new remodeling to the salon has added new features. We have partnered with a professional team for make-up, facials, waxing, and upper body massages.

X’periance Salon can now be used as a venue for small events such as private parties, pop-up events, corporate gatherings and intimate celebrations.

Stop By & Let Us Provide You With An Amazing Experience!  |  Tel: (973) 373-2144

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